Card Title or Subject Cornelia Colliery Vereeninging Estates Ltd. - A montage of portraits of the senior staff and management of the colliery with inset images of the pit headgear and the native worker's compound in the bottom left and right hand corner respectively. 
Card Type Real photograph.
Reverse Details Divided back
Publishers Details &/or note The initials and date either side of the top middle portrait may relate to the card's publisher "NC" and 1912.
Postal Usage Date (if known) Un-used. Card dated to c.1912 based on date on it front (see above).
Notes & Additional Information Each portrait in the montage is named and in addition some have a job title below them in addition. An alphabetical list of the names is given below;

Abrey A.C., Addly F. (Private Secretary), Bird O.G., Bradley J.A., Brandford H., Briggs T., Briggs W., Carlisle H.G. (Compound Manager), Chapman Dr. (Medical Officer), Commins A.R., Eksteen J., Erasmus W.H., Esquino V., Ferreira T.E., Foster G., Gooding W., Haddock W.T., Hamilton J., Henricksen J., Hewson R.T., Hodges Isaac (General Manager), Hudson R ( or possibly A.) G., Hummel E.L., Hunter H. (Mine Captain), Hunter J., Hunter R., Jackson J., Jones T., Lavis G., Lavis J. (Engineer), Little W., Mallison Wm. (Secretary), Marshall T., McCormack T., Meister R.F., T. Milo, Moss H.C., Munro G., Oosthuizen F.J., Opperman P., Owen G., Patmore F., Penman J., Penman W., Peters W., Potts W.M., Pursglove H.W. (Manager), Reay L., Reay M., Renting J., Richards L.O., Roberts G.S., Robinson T.T., Silkstone G.N. (Engineer), Uys J., Uys O. (or possibly G.), Uys P., Vass R.D., Walker L.W.H., Webb A., Webb W.G., Webb W.W., Weedon S., Weir A., West J., Wilson R., Yardley J.

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