The O'okiep Defence Medal

These medals were issued by the Cape Copper Company to those men who were engaged in the defence of their mine at O'okiep during its siege by Boer forces during the period 4th April to 4th May 1902. They were awarded in silver to officers and in bronze to other ranks and civilian defenders (i.e. mine workers).


Obverse: A miner standing with his legs crossed, holding a shovel in his right hand, with his left resting on a small four wheeled mine truck. In the background is a hill, behind which the sun is rising. The whole is surrounded by the inscription, "THE CAPE COPPER COMPANY LIMITED". In the centre, at the bottom, is the date "1888".
Reverse: The whole of the reverse is taken up by the following inscription which occupies thirteen lines of capital lettering: "PRESENTED TO THE OFFICERS, NON-COMMIS­SIONED OFFICERS AND MEN OF THE GARRISON OF O'OKIEP IN RECOGNITION OF THEIR GALLANT DEFENCE OF THE TOWN UNDER LT. COL. SHELTON, D.S.O., AGAINST A GREATLY SUPERIOR FORCE OF BOERS APRIL 4TH TO MAY 4TH 1902." The medal has a raised rim as found on the Long Service Medals awarded during the reign of Queen Victoria.
Silver or Bronze.
Size: 36 mm diameter.
Ribbon: 38 mm wide.
Suspension: By means of a floreated suspender identically the same as those fitted to Indian General Service Medals. The pin on which the suspender swivels is fixed direct on to the piece (i.e. there are no claws) over the raised rim.
Naming: In indented capitals around outer rim.
Bars Issued: None.

 Obverse & Reverse sides of the O'okiep Defence medal (minus ribbon).

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