Card Title or Subject Premier Diamond Mine, Transvaal - Recreation Hall.
Card Type Real Photograph
Reverse Details Divided back. Legend along top reads Tuck's Post Card. By Appointment. Printed in Saxony. Trade mark in stamp box. Legends along left edge read PREMIER DIAMOND MINE, TRANSVAAL. "Photographic Glosso" Postcard. Raphael Tuck & Sons. ART PUBLISHERS TO THEIR MAJESTIES THE KING & QUEEN. 
Publishers Details &/or note Raphael Tuck & Sons. Trade mark in stamp box.
Postal Usage Date (if known) Un-used.
Notes & Additional Information

In 1942 a group of the Italian POWs who were being held at the internment camps at Cullinan painted eight murals throughout the interior of the mine staff's Recreation Club Hall. These large (3m x 4m) mural paintings depicted South African and British scenes of historical interest. These paintings may have been copied from photographs or post cards, as most were copies of well-known artists such as Erich Mayer and W.H. Coetzer.

During 1948 the Recreational Hall was converted into a cinema. Unfortunately most of the murals were damaged when boards were put over them to improve the acoustics. The pressed steel ceiling, which dated back to 1912, when the Recreational Hall was rebuilt after a fire, was also covered by a false acoustic ceiling.

The old Recreation Hall as it appears today - as cab be seen very little has changed from the time of the postcard view above.

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