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Mining Regions For Which Postcard Views & Token Issues Are Known


Select which country you are interested in from the list below;                       

Part I - South Africa  Part II - (German) South West Africa

South Africa

For historical consistency and practical purposes links to further areas of this site have been arranged geographically under the region titles contemporary with the earliest issuing period of postcards and tokens covered within the scope of the site.

To find out more about the mining history plus related postcards and tokens from any given area "click" on one of region names. Alternatively to view a detailed regional map of your particular area of interest "click" on the appropriate zone of the index map below. This will take you to a blown-up section of the map indicating the individual mining locations for which related postcards and tokens are known. 


Map Source: The Times History of the War in South Africa 1899 - 1900.  

Edited By: L. S. Amery, London, 1900.

Part II - South West Africa Mining Regions