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Location: Orange Free State (View location on map)

Minerals Worked: Diamonds (kimberlitic)

Principal Mines: Koffiefontein

Background History:

A fountain in the vicinity of Koffiefontein was a favourite stopping off point for transport riders in the 19th century. The riders' habit of constantly making coffee is said to have led to the name Koffiefontein. In June 1870, one of these transport riders picked up a diamond near the fountain. This prompted the usual diamond rush and by 1882 Koffiefontein was a booming town with four mining companies. Ten years later the miners' camp was proclaimed a town and the name Koffiefontein was retained.

In 1911 De Beers took over the Koffiefontein Mining Company and the mine passed into their hands. During the Great Depression the mine, like so many others, was closed down and didn't re-open until the mid 1950s. Today the mine is again under financial threat and is on the point of closing again. 

During World War II Koffiefontein served as a POW (Prisoner Of War) camp for about 2,000 Italian soldiers. About 800 pro-Nazi South Africans were also detained in the town.

The Tokens


The Postcards

Postcard issues relating to this mine include the following. 

"Thumbnail" Images   (Note 1) Card Title or Description Card  Ref. No.
pc171.JPG (129315 bytes) A Blast. Koffyfontein Mine. PC171
pc170.JPG (154206 bytes) The Main Gear. Koffyfontein Mine. PC170


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